Montessori up to 12th Standard

Fullest Potential

Unfolds Child's True Potential

Professional Skills

Fosters Independence, Collaboration and Leadership


Montessori Allows Children to Experience 'Flow'

Developmental Needs

The School that Meets Your Child's Natural Needs

Small Muscles Developemnt

Develops Fine Motor Skills


Deep Concentration Skills

Authentic Montessori Education up to 12th Standard

At Vruksha, We, ensure continued Montessori Schooling upto 12th standard by adopting a cluster approach to offer Authentic Montessori Education that takes care of the holistic development of children along with compliance to government statutory guidelines.

Why Montessori ?

Change in Education!
Need of the Hour

The future is entirely a new kind of world with new kind of needs. There are new types of Jobs to address these changing needs. The needs for new kind of competencies arise to suit these new jobs. We require an effective alternate system of education.

Interestingly the Montessori system which focuses on child’s natural holistic development based on child’s natural super powers to grow, is the most suitable system to accomplish this new task.

Meets Natural Needs

In Montessori, we follow the natural needs of the child. These needs change as the child grows through different stage of development, and the work given is perfectly matched to child.

Unfolds True Potential

If all the needs of the child are met at the correct time, the child experiences an unfolding of his true potential, a path that sees the child grow without limitations, leading to a future of opportunity. .

Strong Fundamentals

In Montessori, we place emphasis on self-exploration and learning. This leads to a deep understanding of concepts and strong fundamental base furthering the ability to think and grasp complexity.

Holistic Development

Rather than limiting the child to isolated academic facts, the Montessori child undertakes a path of holistic development that has emphasis on the social and moral development as well as academic.


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One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child.

by Dr. Maria Montessori

“Respect all the reasonable forms of activity in which the child engages and try to understand them.”

by Dr.Maria Montessori


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25 Years of work in Montessori

Our awesome children we've had the pleasure to work with! The most happiest time of the life!. What we have learnt is..
"Following the Child is Following God!".

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Phone: +91 9361919996

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